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Web hosting is an administration that permits associations and people to post a site or page onto the Web. A web host, or web hosting specialist co-op, is a business that gives the innovations and administrations required for the site or page to be seen on the Web.

We have maintained a record in the server using web hosting. web hosting means our all files(data) are stored on the server using FTP Protocol and it will take some space according to the data. data in form of HTML, PHP, XML, htaccess, pdf and Images etc files.
Web hosting often provides an interface(GUI Based)  and Control panel for making the Web server and Installing scripts like PHP,  HTML, JavaScript and XML etc.
web hosting which like a rented room and username and password are key of that room (Hosting area).

Web hosting permits you to separate your site pages on an incompletely oversaw structure that is secure, dependable and easily recoverable, and offers a diminished danger of server downtime. One of a kind connections in IT Services bolster new URLs for web hosting and manage the machines and living records, lives not one of the connections acknowledges obligation regarding the advancement or support of zones using this strategy.

Web Hosting Features


Most AIS-if web organizations are moreover available by method for secure HTTP (HTTPS). For non-virtual host customers, this support is therefore given. Virtual host customers must purchase a verification; contact ITS Computer Account Services or email [email protected] for more information.


The PHP scripts web host is a phase for giving component content.

The test scripts web host is a frame for going Common Gateway Interface (CGI) executables. Due to the CGI security develop, clients will not perform their individual special scripts; rather, a client ought to require that scripts be shown. Exactly when a request is made, the script must experience a compelling account before establishment.

PHP scripting is available on all AIS-if web encouraging organizations; non-virtual host organizations will normally redirect requests for PHP pages to the scripts formal. To request PHP script reinforce for your virtual host, please send your request to the IT Service Desk; for other PHP requests, please contact AIS; to request foundation of a CGI script, please contact the Webmaster.


Server-Side Includes (SSI) is a framework for essential component substance, for instance, calculate substitution and page transclusion.
As is normally done, all archives named with a ".shtml" expansion will be given SSI get ready enabled. Customers can engage taking care of for additional postfixes; see Apache Tutorial: Introduction to Server Side Includes for a rational introduction.

SSI is available on all AIS-if web organizations.

Penn State WebAccess support is available on all AIS-if web organizations got to through HTTPS. To request WebAccess support on a present AIS-encouraged web site, please contact the IT Service Desk or email [email protected].



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