Web Designing Training

Web Design Training Levels : Intermediate (3 months), Professional (6 months), Master (12 months).

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Bootstrap
  • React
  • JQuery
  • Cpanel
  • Github
  • Visual Studio
  • Project Setup

Web Designing Course in Delhi

Hedkey India is considered the best web designing course in Delhi with placement and internship facilities. We have been operating since 2017 providing practical knowledge to every student. Hedkey india is a reputed web designing training institute and we offers various training courses in web designing, digital marketing, Training in python development, Full stack development, mean & mern stack development program with our industry expert trainers.

The best Key highlight about Hedkey india is that they provide both online as well as offline classes in web designing. Hedkey india is the best option if you wanna enroll in affordable web designing course fees or can pay in monthly installment. They focus on giving the best web design training which can help you to master every concept without any doubts.

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The web design courses at hedkey india will help you to learn new topics, tools, and technologies in depth. We will help to master every concept from basics to advanced. We focused on providing quality and smart training classes. Theoretical knowledge is not enough to master in website designing, that’s why we provide practical training as well.

We tied up with top IT companies to provide job placements and prepare you for resume building and interview preparation. Our web designing course fees are affordable and designed for every type of person so that anyone can grow in their career.

Other Courses Offered

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Master digital Marketing Course:- 6 months Course

Intermediate website designing course:- 3 months Course

Professional web designing course:- 6 months Course

Master web designing training:- 12 months Course

Basic python development course:- 2 months Course

Advanced python developer course:- 4 months Course

Intermediate full stack course:- 8 months course

Professional full stack developer course:- 1 year course

Master full stack training course:- 2 years course

Professional mean stack course:- 6 months course

Professional mern stack course:- 6 months course

What About The Course

Many students are looking to start a career in web designing and finding the best institute for web designing course. There is a great demand for web designers in delhi. There are many institutes that offer the web designing course online in Delhi and some institutes also provide placement and internship facilities with courses or diploma in web designing.

Web Designing is a growing industry due to internet popularity. Now people are using websites to search for something, asking, and giving some answer or any debate. Everything from a call to purchase anything there is an important role of a website and the demand for professional web designers will automatically increase in 2023.

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So, the demand for web designing courses will also increase in Delhi, India for web designers. You will also get the benefits of placements and internships. Even after many searches, it is hard to find the best web designing institute in Delhi, India when it comes to searching on google.

It is a process in which you need to create and design the visual elements, layout, and basically the appearance of websites which looks to users.

What Is a Web Designing Course?

Web designing course is a training program provided by hedkey india pvt ltd which is a popular web designing institute known for it 100% practical training facility of web design in which you will learn many languages and tools of website design like HTML 5, CSS 3, Bootstrap 5, Javascript, jQuery, Bulma, Sass, React Js, Angular, Json, Github, cPanel, Visual Studio, Project Setup, Tailwind, portfolio, Ajax.

100% Practical Web Designing Course in Uttam Nagar, Delhi

Hedkey India provides best web designing course in Uttam nagar,delhi with 100% guaranteed practical class to everyone who joins our web design course, we also deal in dwarka mor, and delhi area. We provide practical training in web design courses in Uttam nagar. You will become an expert web designer by our professional training in web design.

We focus on quality training for every student by our expert trainers, that’s why we provide master training with the latest tools and technologies for web design. Our web design course covers everything from basic concepts like HTML 5, CSS 3, Bootstrap 5, Javascript to advanced concepts like Bulma, Sass, React Js, Angular, Json and tools like GitHub, Visual studio code and more.

Benefits of Learning Web Designing Course

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There are multiple benefits if you want to learn with website designing course in Delhi:-

  1. Learn fast:- You can learn web designing fast as compared to learning web designing from self study or online.
  2. Get A Straight Path:- When you choose a mentor then he can give you a straight path to go ahead in your career in web designing.
  3. Placement benefits:- You will get multiple placement offers from your institute of web design classes.
  4. Freelance opportunities:- when you get a masters in web design, you will get some projects also to upgrade your skill.
  5. Networking Opportunity:- When you join a web designing institute in delhi there are many students who belong to your field, you can ask questions, and can work on projects together.
  6. After Job Benefits:- You also get some benefits after the job placements.

In the past 10 years, there are many new technologies and tools that have come out there and especially when it comes to web designing.

Scopes & job Opportunities in Web Design

There are multiple scopes and job opportunities after the web designing course.

Visual Designers

As a visual designer you need to focus on the aesthetic and creative part of a website. They know that their client website should be visually appealing and can engage users to the website to improve dwell time of a website.

Graphic Designer

Their work on creating graphics, images, and other visual assets of websites that can improve aesthetics, and contribute to the website usability.

User Interface Designer

UI Designers mainly focus on the look of the website, ensuring that it is visually engaging, easy to navigate for a user to enhance the user experience of the website.

Who Can Join This Web Designing Course?

10 and 12th pass students from any stream can join this training in a web designing course. Candidates with graduation or post graduation can apply for this training program without any other qualification.

The minimum Qualification is that you just have basic knowledge of computers like how to start it and its functions etc. Any student, graduate, post graduate, housewives, and more who are searching for best web designing course near me can join hedkey india web design course and also for professionals who wanna upgrade there web design skill.

Web Designing Course Fees & Duration:-

When it comes to fees of a course, it should be according to every kind of student. Our web designing course fees in Delhi are designed according to every student who wants to learn basics, medium level or intermediate level. We have three types of web designing course and fee is according to its module and facility.

We have three types of program here:-

Program Types Course Duration Fees Structure
Intermediate web designing training 3 months Course Only 21K
Professional web designing course 6 months Course Only 37K
Master web designing program 12 months Course Only 70K

Contact details: Hedkey India Pvt Ltd

Curriculum of Our Web Designing Course Syllabus:-

Module 1: HTML 5 Fundamentals

HTML is the skeleton of a website. In this module, you will learn HTML 5, learning how to create structured, semantic websites and understanding the importance of HTML markup.

  • Introduction to HTML 5
  • HTML Document Structure
  • Working with Text and Headings
  • Creating Lists and Links
  • Understanding Semantic HTML

Module 2: CSS 3 Styling

CSS is important for adding style and aesthetics to your website. This module covers CSS 3 properties and techniques for designing good looking and responsive websites.

  • Introduction to CSS 3
  • CSS Selectors and Properties
  • Box Model and Layout Design
  • Working with Colors and Backgrounds
  • Responsive Design with Media Queries

Module 4: JavaScript Fundamentals

JavaScript is a scripting language for making your website interactive. This module covers JavaScript basics, data types, functions, and control structures.

  • Introduction to JavaScript
  • Variables, Data Types, and Operators
  • Functions and Scope
  • Conditional Statements and Loops

Module 5: jQuery for Dynamic Content

jQuery simplifies JavaScript programming and offers various tools for content manipulation. In this module, you'll learn jQuery's features and learn to create interactive web elements.

  • Introduction to jQuery
  • Selecting and Manipulating Elements
  • Event Handling and Animations
  • Creating Interactive Web Components

Module 6: Advanced CSS Frameworks

This module introduces you to advanced CSS frameworks like Bulma and Sass, which streamline the design process and enhance your styling capabilities.

  • Exploring the Bulma CSS Framework
  • Introduction to Sass (Syntactically Awesome Stylesheets)
  • Using Variables and Nesting in Sass

Module 7: Introduction to React Js

React.js is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces. You will learn the basics of React components, state management, and how to build dynamic web applications.

  • Introduction to React Js
  • Creating and Rendering React Components
  • Managing State and Props
  • Building a Simple React Application

Module 8: Angular Fundamentals

Angular is a comprehensive front-end framework for building dynamic web applications. This module introduces you to Angular's architecture and core concepts.

  • Introduction to Angular
  • Components, Directives, and Templates
  • Data Binding and Dependency Injection
  • Introduction to Single Page Applications (SPAs)

Module 9: Working with Data Formats: JSON

JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a most used data format for APIs and data exchange. This module covers JSON syntax, parsing, and working with data in JSON format.

  • Introduction to JSON
  • JSON Syntax and Data Structures
  • Parsing JSON Data in JavaScript

Module 10: Version Control with GitHub

GitHub is a platform for version control and collaborative development. You'll learn how to use Git for version control and GitHub for code hosting and collaboration.

  • Introduction to Version Control
  • Using Git for Local Version Control
  • Collaborative Development with GitHub

Module 11: Hosting and cPanel

This module focuses on web hosting and deployment using cPanel, a popular web hosting control panel. You'll learn how to manage domains, databases, and files using cPanel.

  • Introduction to Web Hosting
  • Managing Domains and Databases with cPanel
  • Deploying a Website on a cPanel Server
  • Module 12: Development Tools: Visual Studio Code

    Visual Studio Code (VS Code) is a versatile code editor. In this module, you'll explore the features of VS Code and how to set up a productive development environment.

    • Introduction to Visual Studio Code
    • Customizing the VS Code Editor
    • Using Extensions for Enhanced Productivity

    Module 13: Project Setup and Workflow

    This module guides you through the process of setting up a web development project, from planning to deployment. You'll learn about project structure, version control, and best practices.

    • Planning and Organizing a Web Project
    • Setting Up a Development Environment
    • Version Control Best Practices

    Module 14: Building UI with Tailwind CSS

    Tailwind CSS is a framework that allows rapid User interface development. You'll explore the principles of Tailwind and how to create responsive interfaces.

    • Introduction to Tailwind CSS
    • Creating Responsive Layouts with Utility Classes
    • Styling Components with Tailwind

    Module 15: Asynchronous Programming with Ajax

    Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) allows for seamless data exchange between a web server and a client without page reloads. This module covers asynchronous programming and data retrieval with Ajax.

    • Introduction to Asynchronous Programming
    • Making Asynchronous Requests with Ajax
    • Handling and Displaying Retrieved Data

    How Our Web Design Institute Work

    Get Custom and Unique design with world-class technologies

    Web Designing Course Demo

    We provide two free demo classes, So, that you can check the expertise of our trainers and for quality of training in web design. You can take demo classes in online & offline mode. You definitely feel 100% satisfied in web designing classes in Uttam nagar.

    Professional Training By Expert

    In hedkey india you will get training by our experts for web designing in Uttam nagar. You will gain years of experience by our trainers in these practical web design course.

    Project Based Training

    You will get project based training in this web specialist course in Uttam nagar. Our trainers will help you to make a project faster which will help you get a job with a high salary package.

    Job Placement Assistance

    After completing the web design course, we will ensure that you get a placement in an IT company with a great package. Because we focus on your growth. We provide many placement offers without any limitations.

    Certification Training in Web Design

    You will get a professional certificate after completing your web designing training in Uttam nagar with hedkey india.

    Interview Preparation and Get a Job

    We will provide you a checklist for interview preparation to get a job fast like dressing sense, important questions, and more. You will get many offers for jobs with different companies with industry.


    Why You Choose Hedkey India?

    This web designing course in Uttam nagar offers detailed training on designing, and maintaining websites. Additionally, we cover topics such as web design typography, color theory, composition, layout , imagery, and more.

    Industry-Expert Trainers: Our web design course are designed and taught by industry professionals who have years of experience and insights to the classroom. You will gain real world knowledge, practical skills, and the latest trends.

    Positive Learning Atmosphere: Our positive and supportive learning atmosphere, creativity and collaboration, making your learning journey memorable.

    Flexible Learning Options: we offer flexible learning options, also both online and offline batches, allowing you to choose what works best for you.

    Practical Projects: You will work on real world projects that create challenges you will face in the companies. After completing your web training course in Uttam nagar, you'll have an impressive portfolio showcasing your diverse skills.

    Personalized Attention: We provide small classes in web design in Uttam nagar to ensure that each student gets personalized classes.

    Now, grab all these facilities with Hedkey India Web Designing Course in Dwarka, Uttam Nagar and Delhi.

    Hedkey India Trainer's Profile for Web Designing Training in Delhi

    1. Hedkey India trainers are industry experts and master in their topics providing the best web designing course in delhi university.
    2. Our Trainers are certified professionals with 3+ years of experience in their work.
    3. Our trainers are MNCs working professionals for 1+ year.
    4. Our trainers look at the students' knowledge and work according to it.
    5. They handled 3+ projects including hedkey india and sithub website.

    Training Process

    hedkey india how we work

    Learn How to make an awesome Responsive Website

    We will guide you how to write website code to design websites without copy paste to design a responsive website in this professional web designing course at our web designing institute in uttam nagar. You can design any website according to you. And more practice can make you more expert. So what are you waiting for? We will teach you in depth.

    Students Google Review

    we work hard to earn trust of our students, Here are few of them

    FAQ’s on Top Web designing courses in Delhi

    Q. Which is the top web designing institute in Delhi?

    Ans.Hedkey India is a trusted and highly rated web designing institute in delhi. You can learn web designing course here with 100% practical training.

    Q. What are the web designing course fees?

    Ans. Hedkey India provides three training programs in web designing course in Delhi with practical training. For an intermediate web designing course the fees is around 21K, the professional web designing course in Delhi fees is around 37K, and finally the master web designing course fees is around 70K.

    Q. What will be the duration of the web designing course?

    Ans. Web Designing course duration varies on program types. There are multiple web designing programs like 3 months for intermediate, 6 months for professional level, and 12 months for master level.

    Q. Will I receive any certificate after completing the web design course?

    Ans. Yes, on successful completion of the web design course at Hedkey India you will get a certificate that validates your skillset and course completion with us. This certificate will improve your hiring chances and show your skills to potential employers.

    Q. Is this a web designing course in delhi university or an institute?

    Ans. No, this is not a university in Delhi, we are the institute providing various courses like web design, digital marketing, full stack, mean & mern stack and more other short term courses in delhi, India.

    Q. Can I take the web design course online?

    Ans. Yes, Hedkey India offers both offline as well as online web design courses in Delhi, India. We provide live training with Zoom or google meet with recorded live sessions & online resources.

    Q. Can I get placement Offers after completing the web design course?

    Ans. Yes, upon completion of your web design course we provide multiple job & internship placement offers in delhi, uttam nagar, janakpuri, dwarka and more nearby places.

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