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Mass mail extensively alludes to mail that is sent and handled in mass at decreased rates. The term does not indicate a specific reason for the mail, but rather is some of the time utilized (inaccurately) as an equivalent word for "garbage mail".

Special Mailer for Mail Marketing

Bulk Mailer is the most Needed software by Email Marketers, If you need to Mail all your Subscribers or Interested in working on large email client databases using Emailing this is best choice for you


  •     Built-In SMTP:  It has its own SMTP server that enables it to deliver mass email messages directly to the recipient's mailbox
  •     Email Tracking: This Bulk Mailer makes it possible to control the your email campaign – it enables you to monitor who, when opens your email.
  •     List Management: With this email software its easy to manage your contacts lists and create personalized HTML message templates.

Mailer Software Enables you to categories your contacts and manage

Mark them with Custom Tags    

  •     Scheduling - Schedule Mail Sending Bots,
  •     Report Generation - This is the most important feature of this Bulk Mailer Where You can see the performance of your sent Mails.



       All you need to do is Just add your contacts and send Mails, Using this Beautiful and Simple Interface.
       Bulk mailing is not a hassle anymore with this tool


Note: -
This product is recommended by Highly Professional Email Marketers


Featured Version have following Specifications

  • Complete set of functions necessary for mass email-sending
  • Send emails to an unlimited number of recipients
  • Works with any SMTP server; the program has a built-in SMTP server
  • Unlimited Contact Book
  • Support Service for 6 Months
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